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Here are a couple of companies included in this master Airtable database

Founders and marketers are always busy. While many marketing resources are out there telling great stories, frustratingly, few give real-life growth marketing tactics.

Bubble | $1M MRR

How they started by doing cold outreach and sponsoring offline events.

Systeme io logo

Systeme | $675k MRR

What was their first go-to-market strategy to reach $10k in MRR. | $490K MRR

What type of content they wrote and their content distribution strategy.

Ghost | $460K MRR

Read how their early growth was actually a crowdfunding campaign.

Dux-soup logo

Dux-Soup | $400K MRR

A great story about how to monetize webinars and engage your community.

Sabba Keynejad, CEO & Co-founder at VEED.IO

They managed to bootstrap their company to $83,333 MRR in just 12 months, then raised a Series A.

Their most valuable lessons:

1) Build fast

2) Ship Early

3) Deploy multiple times per day

4) Talk to users

5) Luck plays a part

Aurelian Amacker, Founder

He already had a 50k email list for his online business that was pulling in $30k per month through online courses.

Back in 2019, when they were generating around $120K MRR, the revenue was split this way:

  • $50K from paid subscriptions to
  • $30K from online course sales
  • $40K from coaching sales

Aurelian Amacker, Founder

"YouTube is working well for us and we have over 10,000 readers of our blog every month."

"We run a really popular webinar program and invite guest presenters (again typically users who offer a wider view of how to successfully use LinkedIn for lead generation). Our webinars get over 2000 registrations now. An example of this is shown below where we got 2170 registrants."

What you need instead is assurance that you're working on the right strategy and the right channels

I've extracted the main insights from 120+ case studies. Over 40 hours of research, listening to podcasts, and reading blogs. You'll find the most effective strategies (based on the MRR per employee) the founders are using to grow their businesses right now.

Uncover the growth strategies that founders are actually using.

140+ growth stories

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Customer acquisition is one of the hardest challenges startups face

There are hundreds of articles, tweets, and podcasts showcasing success stories. But it takes a lot of time to read and listen to all these stories and extract the main learnings. Then there is testing all these strategies and seeing which one would work for you.

Go with what you think is right. Unless you're an expert in this field, going with your gut feeling will likely end up with you wasting time.

Buying a course. Good courses can be expensive and hard to find. You might think that online courses don’t fit your needs, but there are different types of courses. Some are long and complicated, and others are short and to the point. You need to find a type that suits you best.

Hiring marketers or agencies. Hiring a high-profile agency comes with a hefty price tag, and these agencies don't always prioritize small companies. Freelance marketers can do the same job at less expense, but these services often don't offer experience or quick turnaround times.

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