Growth Strategy - $100K MRR - Landing page builder Growth Strategy – $100K MRR – Landing page builder

A Comprehensive Guide to's Growth Strategy - What AJ Did And How He Achieved $100K in MRR being a solo founder.

Daniel Pirciu


Maker of TheBootstrappedWay

Carrd is a site-building platform, like SquareSpace or WordPress, that's been getting increasingly popular within the past year. Carrd sets itself apart from other sites by specializing in building one-page websites. Nearly all of its features are free to use.

MRR: $100,000 | Business type: SaaS

Main Growth Strategy

  • Word of mouth

Secondary Growth Strategy

  • Social Media - organic
  • SaaS Marketplace (like Product Hunt)

Growth Channels

  • Word of mouth is the biggest growth generator
  • Social Media - Twitter
  • Launch on Product Hunt growth channels

Besides the direct traffic which mainly comes from their customers, social media (Twitter) still is the main user acquisition source

AJ started building his audience on Twitter way before Carrd, offering free html templates

My insights

Carrd's success story is well-known in the indie hacker community, but here is a list of tactics and channels AJ has implemented at the beginning, for early growth

The first paying users $100 came from pitching the platform to his freelance clients, and cross-promoting it using his previous projects, like HTML5 UP and Pixelarity (which also helped him build a good audience on Twitter).

The $1000 in MRR came after launching on Product Hunt.

His current growth is coming mainly from WOM (word of mouth), Carrd being listed in all no-code tech stacks and recommended by the entire indie hacker community.