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Get a comprehensive Google Analytics 4 audit report with a customized action plan in less than 48 hours. Our audit makes it easy to identify and fix errors in your analytics account, so you can get the most out of your data.

The features that make our GA4 audit unique

Tag Health & Performance

During the audit we crawl your website to check if your GA4 tags are firing correctly and in the correct order. We also check for duplicate tags and loading times, as these issues can negatively impact your data accuracy and site performance.

Data Integrity & Quality

Our GA audit provides comprehensive data quality checks to ensure a successful Google Analytics 4 migration. We check for issues such as missing data, data duplication, data discrepancies, bot traffic, spam, data filters, and sampling errors, and more.

Best Practices GA4 Setup

Our audit helps you implement GA4 best practices and put your data to work for effective marketing and business decision-making. We provide you with recommendations on how to optimize your GA4 set-up and use your data to improve your campaigns, user engagement, and conversion setup.

Actionable Plan

Our audit not only identifies potential issues but also provides you with a clear and actionable plan on how to fix them so you, ensuring a smooth GA4 migration.

Save Time & Money

Our audit eliminates the need for manual checks of your data for errors, reducing the risk of costly mistakes, and avoiding the expense of hiring an agency or following a manual GA4 audit checklist.

Tailored Reporting Options

Choose from different languages, multiple report themes, and file formats such as PDF and PowerPoint. With our white-labeling feature, agencies can even use their own branding and theme for the reports, providing a personalized touch to their clients.

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What is included in the audit?

Our Google Analytics audit includes over 40 pages in total, with more than 100 features analyzed, and 3 different themes, and 3 file formats.









Our pricing

Choose the plan that’s right for you

One-Time Audit



Get a comprehensive audit report with our one-time purchase option

1 comprehensive audit

PDF, PowerPoint formats

Multiple report themes

Premium Support

Finalize the payment on our Gumroad page

White-label Plan



Perfect for small to medium agencies that need multiple white-label audits at a discounted rate

1 comprehensive audit

PDF, PPT, Google Slide formats

Multiple report themes

Premium Support

Branding free reports

White-label, use your own theme

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn More About Our GA4 Audit: Read Our FAQ for Answers to Common Questions

What is GA4 Auditor and how does it work?

The GA4 Audit is an advanced Google Analytics Audit designed to deliver a comprehensive analytics audit report with an actionable plan in less than 48 hours. It scans your data and alerts you to potential issues and errors, giving you insights into your data quality and accuracy.

Can I customize the reports generated by your team?

Yes, you can customize the reports generated by our team. You can choose from different languages, multiple report themes, and file formats (PDF, PowerPoint, Google Slides) to suit your needs. Additionally, if you are an agency, you can even use your own branding for the reports you generate.

Do you offer whitelabeling?

Yes, we offer whitelabeling for agencies and enterprises who want to brand the audit reports generated by our tool with their own report template and design.

Is payment secure?

Yes, payment is secure. We use Gumroad as our payment gateway, and we don't store any card details. Your payment is handled securely by Gumroad.

Is my data secure? Where is it stored?

We do not store any data except for the Google Analytics audit files, which are accessible only to you. These files are stored securely in Google Cloud Storage, located in the United States. Additionally, access to Google Slides files is restricted to your login email so make sure you're using an email associated with a Google account.

How can the tool help me with GA4 migration?

While we don't handle the direct migration of your Universal Analytics (UA) tags to Google Analytics 4 (GA4), it plays a crucial role in facilitating a successful Google Analytics 4 migration. Think of the audit as an analytics framework that guides you through the process, providing an GA4 audit checklist to ensure a seamless transition. By utilizing the audit, you can establish an effective plan to evaluate and address the necessary steps for a successful GA4 migration.

How can I contact you?

You can reach us through the chat widget within the app or by sending an email to